Fran’s carrd


I’m Fran and this is my Carrd. I made it to potentially answer the questions that completely random strangers on the internet might potentially have for me before they choose to engage with me, and show you how and where else to find me.

I’m an INFP, that should explain a lot.

I have a Master of Arts in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (with a focus on Anglo-Saxon poetry, with a dash of medieval literature in general, and Latin language+literature through the ages, if you wanna know), but had to realize that academia is not a place I could work in and keep my sanity, so I quit. As per lack of any other education, my only option was to pursue art, so that’s the super interesting story of how I became a freelance artist although I have zero business sense, and draw anime bullshit.

Please do not follow me if you’re LGBTQA+-phobic (yes, that includes TERFs), racist or right-winged. My content is not for you, and the things I talk about and RT/reblog most likely aren’t, either.

That bit being said, I often follow artists like a magpie seeing shiny things, so if I follow people with questionable morals, that is probably because they’re not loud enough about it for me to notice, and I plain and simply am not aware. I am not responsible for everyone else’s content.

In either case I swear like a sailor.

Don’t follow me if you’re an anti-shipper or otherwise deem it okay to cyber-bully other people simply because you do not like the content they create, period. And please educate yourself what pedophilia actually is, while you’re at it.

I mainly draw original art, but I love doing fanart, and I retweet/reblog a lot of it. Sometimes even of fandoms I’m not even in, if the art is shiny enough.

Fandoms include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tales of (Zestiria, Destiny)

  • Free!

  • Final Fantasy (mostly IX, IV, VII)

  • Kingdom Hearts

  • Pokémon

  • Promare

  • Hades

  • whatever strikes my fancy

  • Always into Metal and anime songs.

  • Not a fandom, but I’m always up for weird animal facts, and I’m a sucker for mythology, and for historical fashion

I tag fandoms and/or ships (depending on the fandom’s customs in question) for all your blacklisting needs, but cannot take responsibility for everything I retweet/reblog. Especially Eastern fandoms are often not very diligent at tagging. So please keep that in mind, and turn off my RTs on Twitter if necessary. I generally RT a lot, so keep the turnoff solution in mind.

If you need me to tag anything, please let me know!

My own content is usually safe for work and teenager-friendly, however, I cannot and will not promise that it will always be. What I can promise is that I will keep explicit sexual content out of my Twitter tl, and, if at all, only post crops with clear warning for what the whole image is about. This means, in order to see it, you have to actively pursue it.
I also refrain from retweeting uncensored nsfw, but I can’t make any promises for my likes.

If you’re a minor and unsure whether or not my content is for you, then please consult your parents. I’m not your mum, and it is neither my business nor my responsibility to tell you what to look at in the internet, and whether or not you are mature enough to consume what you find. Please, PLEASE don’t hang out on social media unsupervised if you are not mature enough to decide for yourself what content you want to consume or not. Thank you.